Fantasy Friday – My Most Ridiculous Scream Queens Moments

Good morning, idiots. J/K, I love anyone who reads this – I’m just channeling Chanel from Scream Queens.

Scream Queens is 100% ridiculous, and I love it. I’m a complete wimp, so this is pretty much the scariest thing I can handle. This… I don’t know, “cotton candy horror?” Whatever it is, I’m a little obsessed. That’s why today, Fantasy Friday, I’m counting down my favorite ridiculous Scream Queens moments (thus far, of course).


Chanel’s greetings. They are all amazing.


THE PLEDGES. Oh, dear god, the pledges.


Chanel-o-ween! What a ridiculous concept.

Niecy Nash Scream Queens

Literally any time Niecy Nash is on screen. ANY TIME.


Frat boys, always and forever. Their Backstreet Boys fight scene, in particular.


The Chanels and their “non-food lunches.” I thought they were eating marshmallows at first. But no, that would be too normal-weird. They eat cotton balls with sauce instead.


The reaction gifs. This show is just super ripe with reaction gifs. Not specific, I know. But there are just so many.


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