Fantasy Friday – Top Five Wedding Movies

Happy Fantasy Friday, friends!

One of my dearest friends is getting married tomorrow, and I am SO EXCITED for the occasion! In celebration of her big day, I’m counting down my top five favorite wedding movies.*

My Big Fat Greek Wedding


If you have seen this movie, you have to like it. YOU JUST HAVE TO. John Corbett is one of the most adorable humans, and Nia Vardalos basically says all of the things that everyone is thinking. Also, any time I meet a vegetarian, I still want to say, “That’s ok! I make lamb!”

The Wedding Singer


The first (and best) incarnation of the Barrymore/Sandler dream team. Terrible ‘80s weddings, an appearance by Billy Idol (yasssss!), 100% perfect soundtrack… what could you dislike about this cinematic masterpiece?

Father of the Bride


“The chipper chicken,” George’s rant about hot dogs/buns… I just, this movie is pretty perfect. It also prepared me really well for the financial horror of my own wedding. P.S. $250 a head in 1991?! What the fuck kind of at-home wedding was that?

The Wedding Planner


RomCom McConaughey, guys. I feel like that’s all I need to say. This movie lied to me about movies being played on the side of a museum in Golden Gate Park (that is NOT a thing that happened when I lived there for four years, GOSH), but it’s ok. I still love it.

27 Dresses


JAMES MARSDENNNN! He should be in all the wedding movies ever. That fashion show of hideous bridesmaid dresses? A thing of magic. I don’t care if you hate me for liking a Katherine Heigl movie, it’s just that much fun to watch.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Wedding Crashers – this isn’t REALLY a wedding movie, but revolves around weddings so… honorable mention.
  2. The Wedding Date – Debra Messing hires an escort for her younger sister’s wedding + cute British men. It’s a winner, but I feel like people will make fun of me if it’s in my real list. Oh, also, GREAT wardrobe.

Also, how many of these movies is Judy Greer in? At least two, and that’s saying something.

*Giant caveat: I know a lot of these are terrible, but I enjoy them. This list would also probably be different if I compiled it on a different day. So, there.


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