Introducing… Resolutions: 2016 Edition

Inspired by my Adventure Friend and legitimate blogger, AJ, and her awesome yearly resolution posts, I’ve decided to commit ten resolutions of my own to writing. It’ll make me more accountable, or something. So, let’s get right to it.

Complete the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge.


I’ve given myself 12 months to read 12 books, and I will finish it this year, damn it. I only read 9 books in 2015 and that is sad AF.

Don’t give up on a Whole Life Challenge half way through.

I’m signed up for the January 2016 challenge, and I need to not stop caring about it at week four or five of eight. That said, I just want to give it my all for ONE challenge this year, so if I have to do it again later in the year, so be it.

Revisit that whole “running” thing.

It’s been well documented that I am not great with running. But I do want to give it another go in 2016, perhaps just not by committing myself to multiple half marathons. Maybe I’ll top out at like 10K’s this year.

Make a conscious effort to be more positive.


I’m hyperaware that I am sarcastic as hell and can sometimes dwell in the negative. This year, I’m vowing to try to be more positive, look on the bright side and generally just not be such a tool.

Waste less food / cook at home more.

I used to LOVE cooking and planning meals. Sometime in the last 2 or so years, that changed, and I don’t really know why. As such, in 2016 I’m going to try to eat at home more and, by extension, let less food that I buy go to waste. I’m still down for brunch, tho.

Stop hosting parties.


This goes right along with number five; I need to stop thinking it’s a great idea to host parties at our apartment. They waste so much time, money and food, and I don’t think anyone really cares. So, that money and time can go elsewhere (see numbers seven and ten).

Take more trips.

THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES I HAVEN’T BEEN AHHHH! But seriously, I want to travel more, even if it’s just quick weekend getaways or day trips with the husband. In 2015, I think I took five non-work trips. I’m aiming for six or more in 2016.

See more movies.


This won’t be hard as I am always embarrassingly behind on movies, particularly during awards season. In 2016, I am going to do my damnedest to see more of the films people are talking about.

Go out more!

I basically go out once a month when the Adventure Plans come a-callin’. I need to leave my house more often, because as cute as my cat is, she’s not all that interesting. 2016 will be the year of more movies, more date nights, more travel, more brunch and MORE ADVENTURES!

Start saving for a down payment on a house.


No, seriously, I need to do this. The husband and I will open a high yield savings account and start putting away a tiny bit from each paycheck. It will be a thing.

This time next year, I’ll revisit this bad boy and see how I did, reflect on the year, and make some new goals for 2017. Boy howdy!


3 responses to “Introducing… Resolutions: 2016 Edition

  1. Hoping that one of your six trips will be to SF to witness the Gay Men’s Chorus and all of their shenanigans during their Pride-weekend concert of boy band music 🙂

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