gilmore girls babbling

Has anyone ever seen that episode of “Gilmore Girls” where Lorelai goes into Luke’s apartment when Jess is living there, and the place is a mess with clothes and boxes everywhere, and she says something to the effect of, “This is what my brain looks like!”? Yeah. That’s how my brain looks too.

My name is Kelly, and I’m a lot of things. I’m a PR professional (currently working with NBC by way of MXM, but thought are my own), and a fan of traveling, a wannabe chef/baker, a sometimes shooter of archery, a (very) amateur musician/singer, a musical theatre lover, a pop culture junkie, a Disney fiend, a would-be runner in a fat kid’s body, and a pseudo-intellectual. Basically, I have many different interests and passions and I love to write, and I wanted an outlet to write about all of the things that I find fascinating. This is that outlet.

In high school I used to have a column in our newspaper’s Entertainment section called “I’m Down With…” wherein I wrote about whatever entertainment-related things I wanted to. My goal was to introduce our small readership to things they may not have otherwise heard of, and I highlighted little known bands and artists (like the now-defunct Mohair and the iconic Perry Como) and quirky TV shows or ideas (like The Mighty Boosh). I’m thinking of this blog as an extension of that column, just with a wider range of topics and more swear words. Oh, how I’ve grown since high school!

I also occasionally contribute to the Silverleaf Computer Services blog (check it out!), and have written some posts in the past for Speaking Of…, the University of San Francisco’s Communication Studies’ department’s blog.


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